As financial advisers, your clients are often ill-prepared for life's disruptions.
BridgePaths can help you serve your clients in these areas.

BridgePaths always partners with financial advisory firms.

We provide financial planning alternatives and our trusted network of financial advisors, accountants and attorneys provide the advice, solutions, and financial tools.

Care Portal

Along with financial planning, BridgePaths has a groundbreaking web-based platform for caregivers and caregiving teams that goes beyond social connectivity to include secure storage of medical and legal documents, a shared calendar for task delegation & management, and permission settings so you decide what is shared with each carefully chosen care team member. You can even keep track of key vitals like blood pressure, weight and oxygen saturation to better manage chronic diseases like COPD, heart disease and diabetes. Through our system, you can empower your clients to become a more organized and empowered caregiver today.

There is a tremendous need for good financial support for families facing a health crisis.

Through our Partnership with You, we can provide that support.

  • Care Facility/Home
  • Self-Care
  • Time Management & Calendaring
  • Financial & Legal
  • Caregiver Competence (skills)
  • Caregiver Assistance (helpers)
  • Quality of Life (reduced stress),
  • Communications (Family, Professional, Social)
  • Cost for Care
  • Medication and Treatment
  • Record Keeping
  • Unpaid Caregiver Work

My wife has been my caregiver through 32 years of my chronic health problems and we have learned a lot. I thought health issues only happened to other people. But now I am aware of the need our financial planning industry, caregiver support groups, agencies, health care professionals and non-professionals as well as the faith communities are not prepared for the changing conditions, regulations, expenses and lack of training for transitions households must endure. Often our clients are not prepared for life disruptions. My wife’s insights on caregiving have also shed great light on how we as professionals need to step up and help these caregivers."

We need qualified professionals to be better trained to handle families and caregivers in these crises.

- Jake Chaya, Founder of BridgePaths & CaregiverStrong in the content across from me in a bed.


Life will happen. It's only a matter of time.
Are your clients prepared?