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Over our 44 years of marriage, I have had 32 years of health crises that my wife Beth has served as my primary caregiver.

I realize other families have health crises far more serious or they may not have had the caregivers they needed. I also understand the learning curve is sharp and transitioning into a health crisis, living life throughout the duration of the crisis and then the transitioning out of the crisis is difficult. There are no high school classes, college courses or advanced degrees in caregiving unless you are a medical health professional. BridgePaths strives to provide the training and support needed for a caregiver to understand, overcome and restore quality life when health and financial crises become part of your future."

Our Experience with Health Crisis...

I have experienced multiple serious health crises. (Lyme Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease -two mild heart attacks, Hodgkin Lymphoma, open heart surgery in 2017, treatment for spinal meningitis, spinal fusion surgery in 2018 and currently learning from an 11-month crisis with an auto immune skin and muscle disease, dermatomyositis. I have had three joint replacements and numerous hospital stays as well as 9 different specialists.

We have worked through prescriptions, prescription costs, co-pays, integrating social security benefits, Medicare and full supplemental insurance coverage to keep about the debt concerns. We have addressed bills for hospitals, doctors, clinics, tests with administrators and office managers.

We have juggled appointments, speech, occupational and physical therapist sessions, Home Health Care and Outpatient therapy. We have learned all about Intensive Care, Transitional Care and working with agencies who focus on caregiver support.

Beth and I have learned what needs to be done daily to reduce stress, difficult decision making and how to go about keeping track of schedules, appointment setting, medications as a transition into the "new abnormal" returning home. We also learned about transitioning out of all the care activities and return to the new abnormal normal.

I have over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, owning a small business, being an entrepreneur and a catalyst to launch health, financial and spiritual care initiatives internationally.

I had thought health issues only happened to other people. But now I am aware of the need our financial planning industry and how our clients are often not prepared or equipped for life disruptions. My wife and I have taken our journey and formed BridgePaths so our learnings can be leveraged through professionals and volunteers caring for loved ones in crisis.